Microsoft Adds over 100+ Skills to Cortana in last 3 Months

Smart Assistant is going to a major front over which the big giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google will be battling each other next year, but the horn has already been blown, especially from Amazon and Google.

One of the primary reason why Alexa and Google Assistant are favored is that of the number of skill sets. Alexa has over 17,650 skills while Google has 468. Cortana in comparison is nowhere with 67 skill sets which were recently revealed. However, this has changed.

As per, Cortana now has  174 skill sets, which is a 160% jump since three months. This is much needed, especially with Harman Kardon speaker “Invoke” is now available on the market for $199. It’s going to be a tough battle, as always for Microsoft, and I hope they do catch up and make it better. At least for now, things look serious.

That said, Microsoft recently announced they will be partnering with Amazon to bring Cortana to Alexa powered Echo devices. Cortana has over 148 million monthly active users, mostly on PC which is 500 million devices.

The number of skills for Cortana should surpass Google Assistant easily, as Microsoft & Amazon together had made it possible to port skills from Alexa to Cortana. If you are a developer on Alexa, you can get it on Cortana as well.

Microsoft has a long way to go, and Consumers will always fear for any product which Microsoft builds around consumer because of the recent events. IMO, for now, it’s better to choose Alexa powered Echo devices as eventually, you would see Cortana skills there too.


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