Microsoft brings the Classic Windows App to Windows 10 Store through Project Centennial

Project Centennial is another arrow in Microsoft’s quiver to bring more apps to Windows Store. This tool converts classic apps or the WIN32 or EXE-based apps into apps that can be delivered through the Windows 10 Store and can also take advantage of Windows 10 features like Action Center, Live tiles, and so on. Project Centennial was announced around the build, and we are glad it did not take time for Microsoft to showcase what it can do.

Today, Microsoft has published some of its classics and still used apps like WordPad, XPS Viewer, Character Map, Windows Fax, and Scan, and are available in the Windows Store. Of course, these apps will only work on Desktop and not on Windows 10 Mobile because of architectural differences(It’s ARM vs. x86), but who knows, Microsoft might spin out something of their magic box.

That said, the apps only work with the latest Insider Build on Windows 10 PC, which is the upcoming major update from Microsoft for all consumers. Yes, you guessed it right. It will work with the anniversary update.

If you are thinking about why Microsoft is rolling out them as Store Apps, as they are already bundled, it’s only to showcase to the developers that it is easy to do it and set an example.

For the developers, you should give this tool a try. You can covert your existing apps without any changes in your code, and you can compare them with your WIN32 apps and see if you get additional benefits. It would help if you gave it a try.

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