Here is how Microsoft is changing the Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider Program, something that has shaped Windows 10 since over 4 years is about to change. Insider Program chief Dona Sarkar revealed that Microsoft is working on some new way and a roadmap for the program known as “WIP 2020”, which will see a range of changes being introduced over the next two years.

We’re thinking about how we would build the Insider Program that would make us want to join it if we weren’t fans or working at Microsoft

WIP Architect Jeremiah Marble described the roadmap as an “evolution of the Insider Program”, rather than a complete overhaul. Echoing Sarkar’s comments, he stated that WIP 2020 is partly a set of aspirations for the future of the program. “But it’s also a collection of things we’ve wanted to achieve but haven’t yet done,” Marble said. “It includes things we know we have to do, along with suggestions and top requests from Insiders.”

Microsoft is also working on a new experimental Windows initiative, known as “Cohorts”. This is to make sure the feedback from the Insiders is handled in a much better way than now. According to Microsoft, They define Cohorts as a group of people who are focused on something in particular. These guys might not be interested in one particular build but only features on what they work interests them. Read more here

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