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Microsoft claims Huge Success with Surface Products this Holiday

Surface is the most successful product for Microsoft when it comes to hardware, and there is no doubt about it, and looks the this holiday it boosted the sales by a good margin.


Posted  yesterday on Windows Blog Microsoft claims that:

  • November been their best month with Surface product sold out at Best Buy on the first day.
  • Number of people switching from Mac to Surface has increased with their exchange program.
  • Surface Hub is also gaining attention, and Microsoft has now introduced Try and Buy program.  Select set of our resellers will provide customers Hubs for 30 days before the committing to purchasing a large set of devices.

Apart from this Microsoft announced that Surface Book with performance base will be available in Australia and New Zealand. Also, starting early next quarter, they will also will go on sale in Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland and the UK.

One thing the post doesn’t reveal that which Surface Model is selling the most, but we expect it would be Surface Pro 4 followed by the Book.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has gained significant market on Laptop section, specially with Apple new Macbook laptops removing all the ports, and pushing consumers more to buy accessories to even use the USB ports.

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