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Microsoft claims Windows Defender along with Anniversary Update is best to protect against Ransomware

How much would you pay to one if they lock your PC with their own password? Well with so much of personal data, passwords, and other things, I am sure you might agree at an amount. This is also termed as Ransomware except that cyber-criminals hack into your PC and lock it down with a ransom message.

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It is one of the growing threats, and pretty nasty one. While on one hand Kaspersky is accusing Microsoft for its aggressiveness against Anti Virus companies, Microsoft on the other hand claims that Windows Defender along with Anniversary Update Anniversary Update is the best protection against Ransomware.

Here are the top reasons from Microsoft :

  • Microsoft Edge is more secure against browser-plugin-related exploits. Windows Defender is hooked on to it with its Application Guard.
  • Outlook has increased detection and blocking capability for ransomware emails.
  • Windows Defender Real Time Protection makes sure to reduce detection time to seconds.
  • For enterprise consumers, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection be combined with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to make it easier for companies to investigate and respond to ransomware attacks.

Do you agree with the claims? Which Anti Virus are you using on your Windows 10 PC at home and enterprise ?

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