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Microsoft Edge – Only Browser to Stream Netflix at 1080P on your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft ditched Internet Explorer for Edge in Windows 10. When the browser made its debut last year with Windows 10, it got mixed reviews. It was considered better than Internet Explorer, but not the best. Nonetheless, Microsoft kept making it better with frequent updates. Now, the browser is considered to be the fastest, most RAM efficient, and power efficient compared to others browsers for Windows. Extensions are also available for insiders, which will soon be coming to public with the Anniversary update, later this month.

Microsoft Edge was the only browser for Windows which could stream live Apple events as Microsoft implemented support for HLS as part of the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge has been engineered to optimize for and take advantage of these Windows 10 built-in media capabilities, providing the best video experience of any browser on Windows 10 based on our data and testing.

NetFlix Windows 10 App Universal

Now, new reports claim that Edge browser is the only browser for Windows 10 which can stream your Netflix shows at 1080p on your Windows 10 PC. Apart from Edge, you can also use the official Netflix app for Windows 10 to stream your favorite shows at 1080p.

The fact that Microsoft Edge received 1080p content in the power test means it actually ran a somewhat higher power draw than it otherwise would have playing 720p content like the other browsers.  Microsoft Edge provided the highest quality content and also delivered the longest battery life.

In a Blog post Microsoft States:

Displays have already moved beyond Full HD/1080p to UltraHD/4K video. Upcoming improvements to audio and video quality go beyond just more audio channels and more pixels. We will see an increase in the number and intensity of colors displayed (color gamut), higher frame rate, high dynamic range (HDR) and broad availability of immersive, spatial or 3-D audio.

We are working with industry leading graphics chipset companies to expand support for hardware acceleration of new higher quality content. We are also working with chipset companies to support Enhanced Content Protection that moves the Protected Media Path into peripheral hardware for an even higher level of security.

In the Alliance for Open Media, Microsoft and other leading internet companies are developing next-generation media formats, codecs and other technologies for UltraHD video. Paired with the media features built into Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has best-in-class battery life and video playback quality on Windows 10 devices, including PCs, Mobile, Xbox, HoloLens, and other devices.
Now Netflix and Chill at 1080p with Microsoft Edge!



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