Microsoft Edge now offers Grammar Tools for EPUB books, Reading View, HUB improvements, and more

While Microsoft Edge still remains at 3.1% market share, Microsoft is doing all it could do to make sure it is not left without features. In the recent update to Windows 10 Insiders version 17074, Edge has received a major update when it comes to features, and usability, especially with eBook reading.

Grammar Tools for EPUB books and Reading View:

Edge has a grammar tool integrated, which is not for finding flaws in the writing, but you can use it to enable new comprehension aids. Grammar Tools can break the words on the page into syllables, as well as highlight different parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives. You can also get into a full-screen reading mode for distraction less reading.

That said, the new reading experience uses Fluent Design System elements like motion and Acrylic material to provide a fluid, delightful experience that keeps the focus on the page. You can find a new pop-over menu for “Notes”. This will make it easy to navigate between annotations, notes, or highlights.

Source: Windows Blog

It also includes a Seek bar, which you can use to navigate through the document faster, or page by page or find.

Apart from this there are many other improvements which include

  • Hub improvements.
  • Autofill cards on web forms, but it never saves CVV information.
  • New reading experience for EPUB, PDF, and Reading View.
  • Improved roaming for progress and notes across devices.
  • Library View now recommends new books or filter expired rentals from the current library view.
  • You can now hear the book read aloud with custom narration, with the publisher’s chosen style applied to the highlight as the book is read.
  • If you use Edge to save your passwords, you can now skip saving the password for a domain completely.
  • Microsoft Edge now supports auto-filling of saved passwords when browsing InPrivate.
  • You can now Use Extensions when InPrivate.

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