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Use Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC for Longer Battery Life

Back in 2015, Microsoft announced Windows 10, and with this upgrade they also said goodbye to the Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer had a made name for itself in the market after IE9 was released. IE 10 and IE 11 were far better and faster than the previous versions but still couldn’t compete with modern browsers like, Chrome and Firefox. And that’s why Microsoft thought of ditching Internet Explorer for a brand new browser – Edge.

EDGE Battery Save

Edge when launched, was faster, better, and responsive than Internet Explorer or Chrome also, for that matter. One of the main feature of Edge was that it used to eat 40% less RAM than Chrome. Apart from that, Cortana, Web Notes, and WebRTC for web streaming gave it a great boost in terms of marketshare. One thing which kept people off of Edge was lacking support of Extensions, which Microsoft is bringing with the Anniversary Update. (Already available for Insiders on Fast Ring). Watch the video below.


Coming to the battery life of Edge, according to a recent study of the four most used browsers, i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Edge. It seems that Edge consumes very less battery, followed by Opera, Firefox and Chrome being the last.

To measure battery life, the Web Platform team streamed the same high-definition video wirelessly on Surface Books running the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Microsoft Edge delivered three hours of extra viewing time compared to Google Chrome.

Using a power efficient browser is one of the best ways to get more out of your Windows 10 PC or tablet – whether you’re checking email, shopping online, playing games, or watching movies. Today’s laptops and tablets last longer than ever, thanks to major advances in battery technology, processor architecture, and software design. Still, no battery lasts forever, and every extra hour counts when you’re on the go. And this is where Microsoft gets things right.

Microsoft Edge is a more energy efficient browser on Windows 10, with up to 36%-53% more battery life than the other leading browsers.
What do you think of the battery saving feature in Micorosft Edge? Sound off below.



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