Microsoft to enable Skills for Cortana on Windows 10 PC for Insiders on Redstone 4

While Amazon is dashing towards Smart Home Solutions with its Alexa, and its powered devices, Microsoft is like always late to the party. In a recent update to Windows 10 Insiders on Fast Ring, and under A/B testing, Microsoft has not only revamped the user interface,  She now has skills enabled which can be used on any Windows PC.


Except for the Surface & Xbox devices, Microsoft has never been a hardware company. They mostly rely on OEM to build Hardware, and the company loads up their software on it. Since competition on the Smart Assistant is tough, keeping in mind Amazon and Google tops it, Microsoft is left with one choice. Enable Cortana skills on every PC.

The recent UI update shows two sections. First is Organizer, and second is Manage Skills section. While the prior remains same internally, Skills section now lets you enable skills for services like Office 365, LinkedIn, Uber, option to connect to Music providers, and so on. This points to one, and only one thing that Microsoft doesn’t users to be restricted by a dedicated hardware, but let them use Cortana from anywhere possible.

I have been using Amazon Echodot, and its pretty convenient to have a dedicated device which can listen from quite far, compared to pulling out a phone or opening a PC and then doing it. It’s a perspective because many would feel that its great to have this option as well.

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via Reddit | Thurrott | MSPU


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