Microsoft has a patent for “Gesture Language for a Device with Multiple Touch Surfaces”

Well, Microsoft isn’t coming back to Mobile business, but it’s definitely not leaving that either. The rumor of Microsoft’s Foldable Surface device is getting stronger every month, and now a patent for Gesture Language for a Device with Multiple Touch Surfaces has made it even interesting.

Instead of talking about a device, the patent actually talks about gesture used on the back of the phone which could be on any device and not just Microsoft devices. The best part, it’s a language that is being talked about.

The patent explains:

A gesture language for a device with multiple touch surfaces is described. Generally, a series of new touch input models is described that includes touch input interactions on two disjoint touch-sensitive surfaces. For example, a mobile device can include a primary display on a “front” side of the device, and a secondary display or touch-sensitive surface on the “back” side of the device, such as a surface that is opposite the primary display.

Accordingly, the gesture language can include a series of “back touch” interactions with the touch-sensitive surface on the backside of the device. Example interactions include direct and indirect touch input on the back side, as well as simultaneous touch input on both sides of the device.

Probably in future, we might see hardware add-ons or touch-sensitive surface in the rear of the phone which can interact with phone hardware, and display. So instead of just using a touch of the display, you could use the rear touch for many things. Games can get the maximum benefit as consumers will be using fingers in front, and thumb in the rear to control more. Something like a controller for consoles.

Check out full details in the patent application here.

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