Microsoft Highlights its Minimum Hardware Specs for Windows 10 Mobile for New Devices

We recently reported that Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update will not be available for devices which came with Windows Phone 8.1, and in today’s highlight Microsoft has updated MSDN OEM page which reflects the list of processors which are supported. As expected list of processors which are more than a year old are not supported.

While the list of SOCs that can get Creators Update doesn’t seem to have changed which clearly says under the heading:

SoCs supported in Windows Phones that can be updated to Windows 10 Mobile

and it includes Snapdragon 810, 808, 801, 800, 617, 410, 400, 210, 200, S4 Plus,

Under a second heading Microsoft highlights as:

SoCs supported in Windows Phones that can be updated to Windows 10 Mobile

and it includes Snapdragon 820, 810, 808, 617, 210.

This is both good news and bad news.

From OEM perspective it is pretty clear that anyone now building Windows 10 Mobile will need to use either of Snapdragon 820, 810, 808, 617, 210. However, it also clears the doubt Windows 10 Mobile support is going to be turned off for older devices.

Windows 10 Creators Update from Mobile perspective haven’t been huge. They are mostly Performance improvement with few features rolled out to align with Windows 10 PC. The only thing that is left now is when Creators Update is officially rolled out for ARM which will open up tons of options for OEMs.

Till then Windows 10 Mobile will keep getting updates, and fixes but nothing on the major side.

via Newoin | Source : MSDN

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