Microsoft increases price for Xbox Live subscription in India to Rs 3,999

Xbox Live is a subscription based Service for those who own an Xbox console. It brings a lot of features on the table to enhance the overall gaming experience. It is also a necessary evil without which multiplayer is not possible. The subscription fees for Xbox Live in India has now increased from Rs 2,240 to Rs 3,999.

In an email sent out to “few”, Microsoft has clearly mentioned that due to currency fluctuations, the price of Xbox Live has been adjusted. It is not surprising to be honest. I was pretty much expecting it to happen last year. A straight forward example is when you buy a $1 App from the store, it only costed Rs 55, while the Dollar to INR pricing is around Rs 68.

While the justification is all cool, the problem is somewhere else. Xbox One Gaming, and India is something that haven’t had some good time since the launch. Right from launching it as Amazon exclusive, to higher prices of physical games,  Xbox One S has no mention and so on.

Play Station & Steam are pretty popular in India, and yeah they are popular than Xbox here. While Microsoft is trying hard to bring lot of features on table with both Xbox Live Services (Free Games, Xbox Play Anywhere), and Windows 10 Creators Update for PC gets gaming into the core with Game Mode, the pricing is going to be huge problem. After all its all about competition.

The email says:

 If your subscription is set to auto-renew before February 28, you will get a year’s worth of Xbox Live Gold for Rs. 2,240. Anytime after that, and its Rs. 3,999. The one month subscription will be Rs. 699 instead of the usual Rs. 350

Via Rishi Alwani

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