Microsoft integrates Mixer broadcasting and interactivity into Minecraft for Android and iOS Beta

Microsoft is pushing hard when it comes to gaming and is making sure its broadcasting platform Mixer is not left behind the competition. Today, Microsoft announced the deep integration of Mixer broadcasting and interactivity into Minecraft.  It is the popular game from Microsoft which also includes cross-gameplay with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Source: Minecraft

Here is what they are doing in a nutshell:

  • You get access to Mixer Create experience right from within Minecraft. You can start broadcasting on the go. Available with the beta version of Android and iOS.
  • Once you are live streaming, there will be a Mixer Create broadcasting bar appear inside your game.
    • You can move it anywhere you’d like.
    • Toggle your front-facing camera and microphone on or off.
    • Chat along with your viewers, all within your Minecraft game. When broadcasting to Mixer, you’ll be able to use in-game chat and see your broadcast’s viewer count.

It also includes support for Mixer’s Interactive 2.0 platform where you will have to bit of simple coding and interactions. This will be for viewers who can change the time of day or spawn a horde of mobs, for example.Interactivity will come to all versions of Minecraft when the feature exits beta.

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