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Microsoft is annoying users by promoting its own Chrome extension on Windows 10

Windows 10 has one feature which has annoyed some users a bit. The in-built advertising feature for promoting apps, and letting new users about it.  This can be disabled, but it seems Microsoft might be pushing it a bit more. Read more on how to disable it here

As reported by MYCE, those who are using Chrome on Windows 10 might see a pop-up promoting Microsoft’s  Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) extension. It is appearing for those who have Chrome pinned to the task-bar for quick launch. It states, “Quickly compare prices online. Get Microsoft’s Personal Shopping Assistant for Chrome”.


Intresting to note, this is already started backfiring as the reviews on the extension have started filling up with this issue in focus.

Installed this so I could leave this review. I’m uninstalling it right after. Microsoft Windows 10 popped up a notification when I launched Chrome tonight, telling me I should install this extension. Basically, they forced a pop-up ad into my Windows experience, and interfered with my use of my computer to push this waste of time onto me. They should be banned from the Chrome store because of this.

Another user says, its wrong on behalf of Microsoft to do this sort of advertisement.

Agreed. Microsoft provides an operating system, nothing more, they should not give me ~advertisements~ regardless of if they are from a Microsoft developer. I already develop on Linux and more and more of the games i play are becoming available on Linux via Steam. There will soon be no reason to still use Microsoft Windows…thankfully

In-house advertisements are ok, but if they are taken way too far, it becomes annoyance. Microsoft need to fix this for good.

Source : MYCEvia MSPU


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