Microsoft Launcher gets deeper integration with Cortana and Phone

A new update rolling out for Microsoft Launcher is bringing deeper integration with Cortana and Phone functions. While Microsoft hasn’t dropped the beta channel tag from the app, the version 4.7.6 definitely sounds like a solid version. This update can now control device features like WiFi, silent mode, and others.

Changelog for New Cortana capabilities:


  • New Cortana capabilities
    • Commanding device settings- WiFi, airplane mode, flash light, GPS, mobile data, silent mode, lockscreen
    • Cortana Notebook integration for 3rd party skills
    • Handling GPS navigation to an address
  • App drawer sorting support for Korean, Japanese and Russian languages
  • Performance and fundamentals improvements + bug fixes

The update is rolling out in phases, so you might have to wait, and keep checking it manually. Cortana, Microsoft Launcher integration with PC, especially Continue with PC and Gesture customization is very useful for PC users on day to day basis.

One feature that is still missing with Cortana is using Hey Cortana command to invoke it. While it is possible via Accessibility permission on Android like any other voice assistant available on the Play Store, there s some conflict with Android system Microsoft still need to work on.

Did you get the update? How is your experience with it?

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