Microsoft might bring its own 3D Scanning and Augmented Reality on All Mobile Platforms

Microsoft is working hard for its Mixed Reality which is now available on PC, but the absence of a mobile device in the companies portfolio is a hurdle in Microsoft path of Mixed Reality. That said, we have already heard about Microsoft working on a “Cellular Foldable Dual Screen” device, and it could be the only chance of Microsoft to bring it to their portfolio.

However, I am sure that Microsoft will not stop itself from just putting its technology just on their devices. The company had been working hard for the last couple of years to get all its services to all platforms, and the same can happen for MR as well.

Coming back to the topic, Microsoft has a job listing where it’s looking to hire a person for a Principal SW Engineering Manager who can work on 3D scanning and augmented reality on mobile devices. Since there is no specific category listed, we expect Microsoft to bring this to all platform.  Here is an excerpt from the listing:

Principal SW Engineering Manager – 3D scanning and augmented reality on mobile devices

As Principal SW Engineering Manager, you will lead multiple engineering teams, some specializing in computer vison others in application development and user experience. You’ll be partnering closely with a talented cross-discipline leadership team to develop products that push the bar on what’s possible with new technologies. You’ll lead the implementation and maintenance of new features, and be responsible for delivering products on-time and at high quality. You will set technical and program direction and deliver solid technical mentorship and feedback.

Apple and Google already have AR tech on their devices. Consumers can use it to purchase stuff from IKEA, try it in their houses to see if it fits well.  Microsoft also has a View 3D App for its PC and the dead Windows 10 Mobile, but then it’s not something that is working as expected.

That said, looking at how Microsoft is working on all platform, I expect this to become available on Android and iOS first, and then on Windows or any of its upcoming mobile device.

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