Microsoft might be coming after Apps which uses “Windows” in their names

There are tons of website which have “Windows” in their name, and they also have apps in Microsoft Store. They all are legitimate websites, and the authentic when it comes to content as well.  However, it seems like if you have an App with Windows in the name, then Microsoft legal section might just ask you to drop your app or change the name.

Popular German Windows website, Dr. Windows, and WindowsArea websites App have been sent one such legal notice where they have been asked to either change the name or remove it completely from the store. According to Dr. Windows (translated from German):

The complaint specifically refers to the US, where our app is also available. More specifically, it is available in all markets, because there are in many countries German-speaking users who should be able to use our app without changing the region (after all, we are not Microsoft and therefore think beyond their own state border).

I have now changed the availability of the app so that it can only be loaded in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and I will respond very well to the complaint and see what happens. If the app is actually removed from the store, then it’s just gone. I will not hire her again under some ridiculous new name. I wish Microsoft every success in sweeping all apps that carry “Windows” in their name in their name from the map. And the associated websites best with the same. Somehow, even the last enthusiasm for products from Redmond must be done.

Here the legal notice they had been served:

That said, this is not new and keeps happening, and its pretty hard to figure out what exactly causes the problem.

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