Microsoft to offer more Clarity on Privacy Settings with Windows 10 Spring Update

The upcoming Spring Update for Windows 10 will bring changes to the setup experience for privacy settings, along with new design which will make sure consumers get better choices along with two new settings for Inking & Typing and Find my device. If you are Windows Insider, you should be already seeing it on your Windows 10 PC with the latest build.

What is different about these settings is that from now on, Windows 10 Setup will offer an individual screen for every setting, which will give a clear view of what end user is accepting. So for example, Find My Device is shown on its own screen during set up. Microsoft recommends selecting Yes, depicted by the dotted line box, to allow us to use the device’s location data to help the customer find the device if it’s lost.

Similarly, the inking and typing recognition will have a dedicated screen. You must be keen about these settings if you have a digital pen which you use every day. As per Microsoft if you enable improved linking and typing, it will help the company to improve suggestion capabilities of applications and services running on Windows such as handwriting recognition, autocompletion, next word prediction and spelling correction in the many languages used by Windows customers.

Once done, you can always go back to  Settings > Privacy and verify to what you agreed to, and also change the options from there.

What do you think of these new Privacy Settings?

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