Microsoft Pantent “Casual Digital Ink Applications” points to Games that work on Lock Screen for Kids

When it comes to Family & Kids, Microsoft is one company that has done something for them. I have a Windows 10 PC which my son uses, and thanks to Family Feature for Xbox and PC, I know what he is doing, and control how long he gets to use it. Also, Microsoft was first to bring the Child Corner, which latest failed, for Windows 10 Mobile users.

That said, now there is a new patent which has surfaced, and it’s about kids. Though it can be extended, kids are going to love it.  Named as “CASUAL DIGITAL INK APPLICATIONS”, it talks about games or apps running on the lock screen, and can also use a pen or gesture with their fingers. The best part of this type of functionality is letting your kids use a tablet or phone without giving them access to private data.


Imagine games like Hangman, tic-tac-toe, Sudoku etc working on the lock screen, and with a pen. Below is a part of the patent description.

[006]One embodiment illustrated herein includes a method that may be practiced on an active pen capable computing device. The method includes acts for providing casual digital ink experiences on the active pen capable computing device. The method includes detecting an active pen interaction with a screen of the computing device. The computing device comprises a locked lock screen requiring authentication to unlock the lock screen. As a result of detecting the active pen interaction with the screen of the computing device, the method further includes launching a casual digital ink experience without requiring authentication to the computing device, such that the casual digital ink experience is launched without unlocking the lock screen.

[0007] This Summary is provided to introduce a selection of concepts in a simplified form that are further described below in the Detailed Description. This Summary is not intended to identify key features or essential features of the claimed subject matter, nor is it intended to be used as an aid in determining the scope of the claimed subject matter.

[0008] Additional features and advantages will be set forth in the description which follows, and in part will be obvious from the description, or may be learned by the practice of the teachings herein. Features and advantages of the invention may be realized and obtained by means of the instruments and combinations particularly pointed out in the appended claims. Features of the present invention will become more fully apparent from the following description and appended claims, or may be learned by the practice of the invention as set forth hereinafter.


MSPU also notes that Gregg Wygonik, one of the designers involved with HoloLens and Xbox One, and is now Principle Designer at Microsoft was also involved with this patent.

Check out the full patent here.

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