Microsoft Patents “Foldable Phone to Tablet” Can it be the next Surface Like Success?

Microsoft is looking forward to a new form factor which can be the next design evolution of Mobiles, and the recent trends, and a patent granted to Microsoft seems to moving towards their ultimate goal — “Another Success Story like Surface”

Surface has been the most successful segment for Microsoft, and its been already 3+ years. They did recently announced Surface Studio, but then it’s not for everyone. It is obvious that Microsoft needs another form factor which can become another Surface like success.

On the other hand, Microsoft is also looking forward to evolution of Smartphones. The company’s CEO Satya Nadella has said it many a time, and if Microsoft executes it right, this can change the mobile segment in coming days.

Coming back to the topic, he new patent describes a device which is like a foldable tablet. A phone which can get bigger to become a tablet, and vice-versa.

Micrsoft Phone to Tablet Patent

Mobile Consumers are still divided to go for a big devices, or a small one. Many a time they need big screen, but then it not only is costly, but also heavy to carry. This patent offers a 2-in-1 foldable device which can act both as a smartphone, and a tablet.

If you are up for detailed patent read, follow the link at the end of the post, but here is what it says in simple words:

A mobile computing device comprising:

  • It has a flexible hinge structure which keeps two more displays together, and allows them to rotate each other around the hinge.
  • It can support each other in various forms including
    • a single plane
    • stacked over each other
    • close over each other
    • and in “tent” form.

The patent makes it even more clear, that why Microsoft never stopped rolling out builds for Windows 10 Mobile. Now with this patent in hand, their vision of “Windows 10 on ARM” things are getting in shape, at least on conceptual basis.

So is foldable display or device really new? It’s relatively new, but the idea has been floating around for at least last 2 years. Samsung and LG both have shown concept videos, and at least one product is expected from them in second half of this year.

One last might Microsoft needs to make sure is getting their software working as good as Android & iOS. Its one of the crucial factor, as Windows 10 Mobile upgrade actually slowed down the devices which upgraded, and it took them months to get that fixed.

Source : USPTO | via MSPU

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