Microsoft is planning to move Cortana to Action Centre with next major update

Cortana usage had always been questionable. First, and foremost it’s pretty restricted to few countries, and then Microsoft isn’t really showing a lot of efforts to make it useful. Right now, Cortana is available integrated into the search bar, and sometimes it’s irritating if it pops-up slow.

Now Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft will change the position of Cortana the extreme bottom right on the taskbar. Looks like Microsoft wants people to at least know that Cortana is there, and since action center is most used, it makes sense. There is another key to this. One of the updates that are soon going to show up on Windows 10 is a universal search box which will look like MacOS Spotlight feature. So I am guessing that the dedicated search box will be gone for good.

Source: Windows Central



Microsoft is planning to :

  • Integrated Cortana’s card-based experience in Action Center.
  • Cortana notifications will be available right there.
  • Combine a couple of things available in Action Center into one.

That said, expect these changes to appear with a major update, i.e. Redstone 5 which will appear in later this year. I don’t expect Microsoft to bring this on with Redstone 4, though we may say bits of those features here, and there.┬áSearch on Windows 10 will be always powered by Cortana, and with its place in action center, it’s going to be a little better.

Time will tell if its actually going to work because Alexa is already announced to make its debut on Windows 10 PC


via Windows Central

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