Microsoft has plans to reduce Windows 10 Upgrade time drastically

While we know that Microsoft has reduced the download size of the Windows Update by a big margin, it seems the company is also working to make sure the time is taken to upgrade the PCs from one Windows version to another also reduces by a significant margin.  Good news is that according to a tweet of Windows Insider chief, Dona Sarkar,  Microsoft might have found a way.

In a response to a tweet, Sarkar said that they are pushing the dev team on ways to reduce the upgrade time, and will benefit everyone down the line.

Microsoft rolled out Unified Update Platform in 2016, which reduced the download size of the updates, including for apps, and we can see that in action now. The download size has dropped to 35% already. Microsoft is also working on a way to the Windows 10 Update downloads can be resumed back which will also impact on the total time of upgrade.

That said, some of you might already have ideas like skipping backup, skip verification, and so on, but trust me, those are necessary. Nobody wants there data to be gone in case upgrade process get severed in between. What might happen is Microsoft might push part of upgrade process in the background. This means that after major OS upgrade, the system comes online, and rest of things keep upgrading in the background. These can even resume back in case somebody is in hurry, and want to do it later.

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