Microsoft Reportedly working on Foldable Device powered by Windows 10 on ARM

It has been long rumored that Microsoft has been working on a device with the new form factor, also termed as Super Mobile. While the company failed with Windows 10 Mobile big time, but now they might be coming back with Windows 10 on ARM on a completely different form factor, and it’s reported to be a Foldable Device by Microsoft watcher Brad Sams.

Brad cites two independent sources which confirm to this new mobile like device running on the recently announced Windows 10 on ARM which is already under testing by several OEM, and Qualcomm already has announced support for it. While we may not see anything this year, I expect this will show up next year when the market and the foldable screen become more cost effective.

Microsoft is known to bring new form factor, Surface for example, and the 2-in-1 laptop has another, and if Microsoft does its CShell or the Composable Shell right, it will be ready for any device with a disable, especially for Mobile like devices.

The device which is under testing right now is code-named Andromeda is under the leadership of Alex Kipman, is expected to come at a heavy price for sure being first of its kind if Microsoft makes it on time. Samsung had been throwing off hints of such foldable devices from some time now, but then it’s something under the works, and affordability is something which still hasn’t reached its peak.

Microsoft also holds a patent on such form factor named as “Courier” which was filed in November 2016.

Check out Brad Sams’s comments below, from 22:15 for about 4 minutes.

via MSPU 

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