Microsoft Responds Back to Consumer Reports on Surface Lineup

Surface, Microsoft most successful hardware, has come into radar when it comes to customer satisfaction. In a recent survey by Consumer Reports of over 90 thousand laptops, and tablets, who are using it for over 2 years, the report found that Surface owners are likely to run into a problem, and the rate is higher than competitive products.  According to the survey, a quarter of the sold Surface devices will break within 2 years.

The Consumer Report is pulling off Microsoft Surface Laptops from their recommended list.


This is a huge setback for Microsoft as Consumer Report is one of the trusted sources, but then Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Devices disagrees to it. He shared that Microsoft’s own data suggest that support incidents per unit have been well below 1%, compared to Consumer Report which says 25%. He also added that third party consumer research in various countries including US, UK, France, China, and other countries have found SP4 and Surface Book users are very satisfied with the product.


That said, Microsoft has to agree that Surface Devices had their own share of issues, which were later fixed by the company. We have seen reports for Power Management issues which was widespread.

Panos finally said that the company and the team stand firmly to maintain the quality, and improve the reliability of the Surface Devices. They will keep evolving the devices for next generation and will stay committed.

I am pretty sure every hardware devices have their own set of problem. I use an Apple MacBook Air, and I had to change my charging cable once, and motherboard of the device went dead within 3 months of purchase.  However, one cannot simply deny survey reports like this. I am expecting Microsoft will soon showcase more stats and data to reaffirm Surface Lineup.

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