Microsoft rolls out “Microsoft Pay” for Windows 10 PCs for seamless shopping using Edge

Microsoft has started rolling out a new method of paying for Apps, and Games–Microsoft Pay for Windows 10 PC.  If you been a Windows 10 Mobile user, we used to have “Microsoft Wallet”. Its still listed in the store, but it’s for Mobile only.

That said, Microsoft Pay is intended for those who do shopping through Edge browser. Microsoft has “Payment Request APIs” in place which lets it connect with the Microsoft Pay to make seamless payments.  This was announced sometimes earlier. but had the reference of Wallet instead of Pay. To make sure you are able to use this for payments through the Edge, you will need to install the app, and this works on Windows 10 version 16299 or higher.

Even though its an app, you cannot open it. Its only set if API’s that Edge or any other app that implements the API can access it.

It’s the new gateway for providing your card information, your shipping address, and anything that is requested to make the payment. Any website or online shopping portal can request from Microsoft Wallet, and using the Edge browser the request is then processed.

  • User Initiates Check out
  • Wallet UI appears
  • The user chooses the shipping address.
  • Updated Payment info shows up based on the address.
  • Payment is made.
  • Checkout Complete.

It allows users to pay with any debit or credit card that belongs to Visa, MasterCard, or Amex networks. Below is the screenshot of how this works with the Edge browser:


Microsoft Pay
Price: unknown


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