Microsoft Rolls out Firmware Update for Surface 3 Devices – Feb 2016

Microsoft has been doing great when it comes to firmware updates for Surface Pro devices, and today they have rolled out another one. In this update there are three major fixes..

  • Surface UEFI update (v1.51116.78.0) recalibrates touch panel.
  • Surface Touch Controller Firmware update (v4.251.60.0) recalibrates touch panel.
  • Surface Platform Power Driver update (v2.1.36.1) improves charging.

To check if you have the update, Go to Settings > Update and Recovery > Check for Update.

Surface System Update

Microsoft has been facing lot of heat recently, specially because of the Sleep bug in Surface Pro 4, and there is no surprises that the whole team is up to fix the firmware.

When looking at some of the forums, a few of you have reported that this update has rolled back the settings if Surface Pen back to previous one which causes issue in certain cases.  I am sure there are lot many small changes.

Since the update has just started rolling out, it is possible that it might have reached you just yet, so hold your horses. One suggestion from my personal experience would be to make sure to reboot your Surface 3, if there is an odd issue after the update ia fixed. It usually fixes the update as seen by many forum members in Microsoft Answers.

Let us know if you find anything new!!

Ashish Mohta
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