Microsoft Store now supports Subscription Add-ons for Apps

Long awaited, Microsoft has rolled out support for developers so they can implement  Subscription Add-ons for their Apps, the catch here is that it needs to be a UWP App.

The developers will have to, of course, update their apps to implement in-app purchases including recurring billing, free trials, one-time consumables, and so on. Microsoft also offers Store Manage consumable in case developers don’t want to rely on their servers, otherwise, developers can always manage within the app or any other way they want.

Source: Windows Blog

Developers should note, Microsoft will take a cut of 15% of the subscription, and developers get to keep the 85%. That’s for regular apps, for games, developers will get 70% while Microsoft store gets 30%. Games, on the other hand, will see developers reaping 70 percent of the add-on subscription price, with 30 percent going to Microsoft.

To enable the purchase of subscription add-ons in your app, your project must target Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (10.0; Build 14393) or a later release in Visual Studio (this corresponds to Windows 10, version 1607), and it must use the APIs in the Windows.Services.Store namespace to implement the in-app purchase experience instead of the Windows.ApplicationModel.Store namespace.

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