Microsoft Teams Promotion Shows “Microsoft Branded” Android Phone

While many are waiting for Microsoft to come with an Android Phone as Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone is dead, Microsoft hasn’t sent out a hint about it.  However one of the promotional image of Microsoft Teams shows “Microsoft Branded” Android Phone. Check out the images below:

Image Source: Comment Section Windows Latest

The device actually looks similar to the likes of the Lumia 950 XL, with similar Microsoft Branding, but the menus at the bottom suggest that its an Android Phone. While it is fascinating to see a Microsoft Branded Android Phone, this could be just an image shown on the Lumia 950 XL, and I am pretty much not convinced for now. Especially when Microsoft doesn’t have a solid plan or even an intention to make a Mobile Hardware.

Microsoft has almost all their services, and apps on Android Platform, and even on iOS to make sure consumers who are using it, can experience it. The company is planning to come with a foldable device next year with Windows 10 ARM.

Honestly, I will be surprised if they come with an Android Phone or even partner with OEM to build it. I still wonder where did the Microsoft branded Samsung device go?

Image Source:  WindowsLatest

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