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Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions Revealed; Download & Try Now

Extension support for Microsoft’s Edge browser is much anticipated, and looks like we will soon get to see it. @h0x0d also known as the WalkingCat on twitter was able to dig out extensions which was running on Azure App, probably in early testing mode. While the web app no more works, he was able to capture screenshots of two extension–Pinterest & Reddit Enhancement Suite-that will be the first to make it.

Microsoft Edge Browser Extension Sample

he also shared that extension in Edge browser can be ported from Chrome, making it easier for existing developers to get their add-ons and extension to all Windows 10 Consumers. This is probably one that that has stopped me from using Edge browser on day to day usage.

The screenshot also revealed how one will be able to install the extension, which in preview mode will be mostly manual. You will need to download, and copy it to one of the folders of Edge browser, and then restart to use it. This should of coruse become automated once it makes it to the final release.

Now here is the real deal. WalkingCat was also able to extract the extension, and you can try it on Edge Browser. Not sure if it works, but you an ping him here.


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