Microsoft Testing “WIN32” based Office 2016 for Windows 10 Store Distribution

One of the challenge of Windows Store is to get those Win32 based software or the legacy software on board. It’s one challenge if overcome by Microsoft can turn Windows Store into a universal distribution channel for everything on Windows 10. This is where Protect Centennial is going to play a role.

Centennial Office 2016 Windows Store

This project will allow all software makers who develop exe based installers, and programs to pack in their creativity, and distribute it to through Windows Store. It’s one of the bridges Microsoft is working on.

WalkingCat on twitter cited a Centennial version of Office WIN-32 or the desktop version of Office 2016 on the store which is still in it’s early stages.  Labeled as “Centennial Office Test1” (pulled off already) lets you install Office 2106 desktop apps on PC, and by looking at the twitter thread it seems to be working for some, but not for all.  A screenshot posted by Zac of WinBeta shows that includes all the products in Office like Publisher,  Project Server, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and so on.

Cenetnnial Windows 10 Store Office 2016


Via: WalkingCat (Twitter)

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