Microsoft To Merge SharePoint And OneDrive Portals

Microsoft has plans to combine two of its most popular portals – OneDrive and SharePoint – a move that should be complete by the end of February 2021. The aim says Microsoft is to offer Microsoft 365 users an all-around smoother, more efficient administration experience and enable IT staffers, to enjoy greater control over the content produced by the organizations they belong to. The new merged portal will provide control over OneDrive features, such as sync controls, internal and external sharing by users, and access control for end-users.

Microsoft To Merge SharePoint And OneDrive Portals

Greater Control For IT Professionals

IT professionals will have access to two types of cards under the new system – one for SharePoint and one for OneDrive. These cards will allow them to use both apps and record important statistical details, as well as control the content shared. IT staff will also be able to block specific file types, set default storage limits, and set retention times on content. The uploading of content can also be controlled based on the type of device or the location of the user to boost security.

Sharepoint And OneDrive Analytics

IT professionals can also delve deeper into aspects such as discovery (of who has read pages etc.), identification of experts on specific topics, and analysis of user behaviors via SharePoint analytics and OneDrive analytics tools. The latter, of course, can also be used by internal communications staff to maximize the impact of their efforts. Information obtained from analytics can enable organizations to create organization models, obtain greater insight into a topic, or analyze the sentiment of users via AI learning. More accurate information can be obtained that can enhance the use of key features of both apps – including list creation, document sharing, and the design of workflow solutions.

When Storage And Collaboration Become One

The merging of both platforms was driven by the utility of accessing both functionalities at once. OneDrive was originally created for individual use (although it was traditionally used by teams as well) in the realm of file storage and access. SharePoint, on the other hand, had a collaborative intent from the start; it was envisioned to aid teams that have multiple individuals working on the same documents, products, and ideas. Over time, SharePoint has come to be seen as more than a means for teams to coordinate work. One of its most popular uses involves the creation of ‘Communication sites,’ which allow users to publish articles and reports. Those reading the site, meanwhile, can select articles they are interested in and save them for later. Editors can include features such as countdown timers to mark the commencement of an event, select the audience members they wish to view their content, and easily edit content and layout.

It’s an exciting time for teams working together on key projects using Microsoft 365. This month, they will be enjoying the best of two popular platforms – SharePoint and OneDrive. Users will be able to enjoy storage, access, and communication facilities, while IT professionals will have special cards that will enable them to control key aspects of the newly merged platform.

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