Microsoft to use Linux for its IoT based OS called Azure Sphere OS

Microsoft has long struggled using a version of Windows on IoT and looks like its time to change. The company has announced a new operating system called Azure Sphere OS which is based on Linux. If that surprised you, yeah its happening finally.

Well, it makes sense as well because Microsoft is really doing well when it comes to Azure, and with IoT devices in a place where connectivity matters, Azure sounds like a good choice. Microsoft went a step ahead and deployed this as an OS.

Thurrott reports:


Of course we are the Windows company,” Microsoft’s Brad Smith said during the webcast while holding up a tiny IoT-optimized micro-controller unit (MCU) chip. “But what we’ve recognized is, the best solution for a computer of this size—in a toy—is not a full-blown version of Windows. It is what we are creating here.

Azure Sphere OS is a custom Linux kernel complemented by the kinds of advances that we have created in Windows itself. For anyone who has been following Microsoft, I’m sure you’ll recognize that, after 43 years, this is the first day that we’re announcing that we’ll be distributing a custom Linux kernel. It’s an important step for us. It’s an important step, I think, for the industry. And it will enable us to stand behind the technology in a way I believe the world needs.

Microsoft needed something which would not be an overkill for those small devices, and Linux was an obvious choice. You should know that even the Harman Kardon Invoke Cortana speaker runs on Linux.

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