Microsoft to use BlockChain & Authenticator to create Decentralized Digital Identity System

Microsoft joined the ID2020 alliance which is a global partnership to create an open-source blockchain-based digital identity system. with the primary goal to provide some sort of identification on a global level, especially where there is no reliable ID system. Today, Microsoft shared on that how it’s going to integrate digital identities within its cross-platform Microsoft Authenticator app

In a blog post at Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security, Ankur Patel, Principal Program Manager in Microsoft’s Identity shared:

Today, the Microsoft Authenticator app is already used by millions of people to prove their identity every day. As a next step we will experiment with Decentralized Identities by adding support for them into to Microsoft Authenticator. With consent, Microsoft Authenticator will be able to act as your User Agent to manage identity data and cryptographic keys.

In this design, only the ID is rooted on chain. Identity data is stored in an off-chain ID Hub (that Microsoft can’t see) encrypted using these cryptographic keys. Once we have added this capability, apps and services will be able to interact with user’s data using a common messaging conduit by requesting granular consent.

In simple words, here is how you may see it getting used in the future:

  • Users data will be controlled by the user, instead of taking and being used once the permission is granted.
  • Privacy will be by design which means no matter what, if you do not want, you don’t get any tailored content at all.
  • Identity systems only get recommended when the community recommends it.

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