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Microsoft wants Insiders to get on-board for “Bug Bash” Next Week to Prepare the Anniversary Update

Windows Insiders have contributed a lot to Windows 10 Builds, and while Microsoft is preparing its next major update aka Anniversary Update, Insider’s Chief Gabe Aul wants Windows Insider program to join the company and participate the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bug Bash next week. During this event, Microsoft finds out bugs which went unnoticed, and focus more on unreported issues.

Gabriel Aul states:

As part of the culture here at Microsoft, we like to dedicate certain days and have everyone in the team spend the time focused on finding new unreported issues. We call this a “Bug Bash.” We are kicking off a Bug Bash inside the Windows and Devices Group next week and we’d like to invite you to join us! A large amount of the feedback we have already is from Windows Insiders so we thought it was appropriate to include you in our upcoming Bug Bash as well. Next week we will have 4 days of multiple Quests inside the Feedback Hub that will highlight different areas of the product each day. We will be looking for feedback on each quests or whatever part of Windows and our apps you are most passionate about.

You will get to see more about through the Insiders App next week. So stay tuned, and keep sending your feedback to make Windows 10 even better!


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