Microsoft working on to Fix Windows 10 “VSync” issue for Gaming

When it comes to PC gaming, VSync is one feature that plays an important role. It is designed to make sure you get the same frame rate as the game wants on your monitor, but in doing so, it adds input lag, and impacts game performance as well. Looks like recently announced  games on Windows 10, Tomb Raider, has this option turned on, and did create problems.

Play Xbox One Game on Windows 10 Tablet with Xbox One Controller

In response to this criticism, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, commented back that Microsoft is going to provide a fix for Vertical synchronisation or VSync. Microsoft has never been so serious about PC gaming until Windows 10, and now they seems to be working harder to get the same gaming experience as one gets on the Xbox One console. They are also working to improve on SLI/Crossfire support, which is dependent more on developers to implement though.

Ybarra clarified that SLI and Crossfire are already enabled on Windows 10; it’s just that individual games need to support it. On the subject of frame rate, Ybarra acknowledged Windows 10’s shortcomings and vowed that a fix for Vsync specifically is in the works. He responded:

We know lists like this include features PC gamers want to see from us, we appreciate the feedback and have plans to improve


Microsoft is expected to come out more details during its Game Developer conference, and we hope the developers come out positive.  Apart from this Quantum Break for Windows 10 PC has also been cited on the Windows Store, and is expected to get a huge response, but I am sure users will hold till they get strong feedback on Sync issue.

Microsoft is keeping its commitment by launching games side by side both for Windows 10 PC, and Xbox One, and we can only hope the fix is on the way as April will see some good announcement of games.

via GameSpot

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