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Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for Android : The Good and The Bad

Arrow launcher is the new launcher designed by Microsoft Corp. for Android smartphones, which makes the experience smoother and faster with simple UI and minimalistic design. It is the winner of the top 10 best Android launchers, which keeps your info in compact sensitive-pages.

Arrow launcher not only gives you a beautiful experience but also keeps your work and life organized by integrating with Bing daily wallpapers, Wunderlist and Microsoft Office. Arrow launcher is designed to keep you fast by finding, launching, and getting back to your favorite apps, keeping in touch with your family and friends, and staying on top of the most important things to you. Arrow learns from you – The more you use it, the better it gets.

The Good Bits:

  • Designed for simplicity and personalized to your usage habits. It is effortless to use and gives your Android home screen a new look.
  • The apps are automatically arranged according to your usage, so there is no wasting time trying to get to your favorite app.
  • Sharing your photos is easy, and finding and keeping in touch with the most important contacts is made easy. Just swipe right or left on the home screen to bring recently called contacts and recently taken photos.
  • With Wunderlist integrating reminders, it is now simple and easy to find your to-do list on the phone, pc, or web.
  • The other thing I liked was the ability to reply to a WhatsApp message from anywhere, using interactive notifications.

The Bad Bits:

  • Like any other Android launcher, this, too, makes your phone a bit slow when you apply it. After usage, it works very smoothly, though.
  • The menu can be a bit confusing for some users. And you can not drag and drag icons from the main Apps screen.

Little more insight:

Arrow launcher is lightweight and optimized for elongated battery life and enjoying the phone all day long. Moreover, it is packed with features like memory saving technology. It also supports a third party icon where you can enjoy a wide variety of themes for your phone. You can also access your favorite apps in a customizable dock, which could be opened on any screen. The Arrow is compatible with all your favorite widgets and their shortcuts organized on one page.

Overall the Arrow launcher is an excellent and intelligent launcher that keeps you speeding in your work. A must-try app if you are looking for a different Android adventure. You can download this app for free from the Google play store and get going.

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