Microsoft’s Cloud Clipabord Patent details about Cross Platform, Multiple Copy Modes, and more

There had been talks about Microsoft’s Cloud Clipboard, a service which will be natively integrated into Windows 10 working across apps, and make things seamless for everyone. Now, according to the details seen a recently filed patent, it seems this is going to much bigger than just being on Windows 10. Just like how Microsoft has opened up Windows Defender services to all platforms, the company might do the same for this as well.

Source: onMSFT


  • Multi-item clipboard.
  • It allows transferring almost any type of content from one device to another.
  • Platform independent.
  • Work cross-platform.
  • Multiple copy/paste modes.

The copy paste modes are pretty interesting and aim towards a different type of contents, and how users might use it on daily basis. Here are some examples from the patent:

  • Ctrl + V: Pastes top, recent content from the collection in the clipboard.
  • Extended Ctrl + V: Display list of items, multiple UI option and top content from the clipboard. You will be able to navigate through the items and select the one you want to use.
  • Ctrl + V + V + : Select next time in the last, and paste when released.

Similar features are designed with Ctrl + C action as well.  Copy, and instant sharing to one device or multiple devices. In the patent, Microsoft explains:

A clipboard component provides a multi-item clipboard store. The clipboard component uses a technical strategy that facilitates its efficient adoption and use by end users and application developers. From an end user’s standpoint, the clipboard component provides a new user experience which is easy for the users to discover, learn and use, due, in part, to the use of ergonomic control mechanisms for activating paste and copy operations.

via onMSFT

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