Microsoft’s Extension Toolkit converts Chrome Extensions for Edge Browser

Its known from sometime that Microsoft has plans for getting Chrome extensions on board for Edge browser, and seems the company has quietly made the tool available for the developers in the Windows Store. Know as the  Microsoft Edge Extension Toolkit, it create the necessary JSON manifest entries and bridges the chrome. APIs to the browser.

Microsoft Edge Extension Toolkits

This of course works with Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Build 14393.10 which is now on public domain, and hence forth will make it easy for Chrome extension developers to get on board with minimum code changes.  The listing on the store says:

This toolkit allows developers to convert a Chrome extension to run on Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (14393.10) edition. The tool creates the necessary JSON manifest entries and bridges the chrome. APIs to the browser. APIs supported on Microsoft Edge, poly-filing where necessary.

The extension toolkit is pretty straight forward. One installed, and loaded, you will need to point to the source of extensions you developed for chrome. It then reveals all files and folders, and maps Chrome APIs to the Edge browser. You have option to save, and revalidate to cross check fro any errors.

Remember this is only for developers, and you just cannot download an extension from Chrome Store and then covert. They are compiled source codes meant for execution. It’s only for developers.

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