Microsoft’s Patent “Floating Image Display” Points to Reported Holographic Display for Foldable Devices

We recently reported that Microsoft is working on a Cellular based Foldable device which will be powered by Windows 10 on ARM which should show up by 2018 end. In that report we also mentioned that Microsoft seems to be working on a holographic display that will make gestures, hologram, and open up almost VR like possibilities we have seen in Hollywood movies.

WalkingCat on twitter reported about a patent “Floating Image Display” which confirms to the above report. The patent has an array based floating display which is powered by an optical system Fourier transform array.  The Fourier transform array may be positioned to receive the encoded image light and output decoded image light that forms a floating image viewable from a plurality of different vantage points.

The patent was approved on September 14th 2017.


In the current scenario, Microsoft is pushing really hard for its Mixed Reality, and if they be able to build a device which can produce holograms, and let users interact with it, its going to be ground breaking for the company. We already know that Alex Kipman, the guy behind MR is also working on the expected Andromeda / Surface Phone like device. Also, this further strengthens the report of Microsoft working on UWP app which will support dual display.

Further digging into the patent, we see few interesting things:

  • It can produce both static, and dynamic image.
  • The image source includes a stitched display image formed by optically combining output from two or more displays.
  • Floating image can be a three-dimensional image or a two-dimesnional image.


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