Microsoft’s Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices now Available

Microsoft made an announcement of the Photos Companion App last year, and today the app has been released for both iOS and Android users. This app will allow Photos to be transferred from their phones to Windows 10 PC directly over WiFi. Your Phone and the PC should be on the same network to make use of it.

The app works in conjunction with the Windows 10 Photos App. There is an import feature in the Photos App which can detect the companion app on the phone, and then makes the transfer of photos possible. Remember this is different from the OneDrive app which directly uploads photos to OneDrive.

This is how it works:

  • Install the app, and sign in with your Microsoft account on your phone.
  • Next, on the Windows 10 PC, open the Photos App.
  • Look for an option which says “Import”. Next select from Mobile, over Wi-Fi.
  • Photos app will then generate a QR code which you need to scan using the camera option.
  • Next, you can select the photos you wish to transfer from the Companion App and they will become available on your PC.
  • You can select the photos you want to import and transfer it to your PC.
Photos Companion
Price: Free


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