Microsoft’s Skype Mingo App offers Native Calling, SMS and Contact Management

Microsoft has rolled out a brand new app for Android users, Mingo, which is basically Skype with all communication on a phone centralised into one place. The app lacks many features, even from the Normal Skype App. There is no SMS relay option which was announced sometimes ago.


The app is currently in Alpha stage, and the features will keep getting added. Below is the list of features available as of now:


  • Optimized for speed, Mingo is small and fast.
  • Gives you a rich set of features in a small, easy to manage package.


  •  Helps you save money, with advanced features such as Economical Calling, and On-Demand Sync.
  • Provides direct access to your data usage statistics, so that you can always be in control of your data.
  • Gives you access to thousands of Skype bots


  • Native phone calls, phone contacts and SMS
  • Rich Skype chats, file and photo sharing, and audio and video calls

An interesting feature you will notice when you start using Mingo is that the app clearly shows how much data is consumed on Mobile, and data on WiFi. This is notice to have. Also, the settings offer you notification for Vibrate, Sound, and Light.

So what is Microsoft trying to do here? Its promoting Skype if I have to say it simply. Minho is trying to be one central hub for all basic communication option on any smartphone, and competing with apps like Messenger and WhatsApp which as of now looks very tough.

While Skype has been moving from a PC based app to one which embraces mobile paradigms, this new app “Mingo”, brings Skype to the centre of your mobile communications and directly competes with Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger.

Download from here

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