Microsoft’s SMS Organizer for Android wants to declutter Indian SMS Inbox

It is not surprising that SMS still plays a major role in India. There are many reasons for this

  • There is too much of SPAM a person receives on daily basis no matter how much one tries to cut it down.
  • Second, the messages are cluttered a lot.
  • Third, there is a major popularisation still on 2G as internet penetration is too low. There are few smartphone users among them, but feature phone is still leading.
  • Lastly, the above reason makes SMS a primary thing for many business, and consumers.

That said, Indian Team at Microsoft Garage is building an SMS app for Android which can add more sense to your SMS inbox.


It classifies, interprets the SMS to help users understand what is important.  Here is the list of features.

  • SMS is classified into Important/Transactional and Promotional SMS using machine learnt models and placed in separate folders.
  • Further, users are reminded of upcoming travel, movies and bill payments using the information in their SMS through reminder cards and notifications.
  • Users can favorite SMS for quick access, block spam senders and mark senders as promotional. Further they can control the level of notifications depending on SMS type.
  • The app is built to work perfectly offline i.e. without an Internet connection. All classification and reminder creation happens on the device.


The app is under testing, and if you want an invite, you can signup with your Google Play Account here. 

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