Microsoft’s Translation is now as good as real humans for Chinese to English

Microsoft has finally built its first machine translation system that can translate sentences of news articles from Chinese to English with the same quality and accuracy as a person. The company reached this major milestone yesterday and seems to have used the human technique to get to this landmark.

The company had been working on Translation for some time. The real-time translation via Skype, Microsoft Translator apps supports multi-lingual group conversation in real time and so on.

Tie-Yan Liu, principal research manager with Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing share that Microsoft Research used a number of methods to achieve this including dual learning, deliberation networks, joint training, and more. You should know that this is different from what products like Microsoft Translator, Office Apps, and others use.

The test set the team used to reach the human parity milestone includes about 2,000 sentences from a sample of online newspapers that have been professionally translated.

Microsoft ran multiple evaluation rounds on the test set, randomly selecting hundreds of translations for evaluation each time. To verify that Microsoft’s machine translation was as good as a person’s translation, the company went beyond the specifications of the test set and hired a group of outside bilingual language consultants to compare Microsoft’s results against manually produced human translations.

I am expecting that Microsoft might start using it mainstream when the product actually becomes usable. It can be integrated with Cortana, Microsoft Apps like Office 365.

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