Mike Ybarra: The New Xbox Avatars will come in 2018

In August, Microsoft annoaunced they will be revamping the Xbox Avatar in a big way. Seems like this plan is now delayed until next year as per Mike Ybarra, Corporate VP of Windows & Xbox Gaming.

Source: WindowsCentral.com

It was expected that Microsoft will roll out an editor for Xbox Avatars which will offer:

  • A great number of combination, and options for your avatar. You can customize right from the dresses to limbs to nail polish, and so on.
  • The costumes now include a huge number of collection bringing the world’s wardrobe to your Xbox. Put on whatever you feel like, almost.
  • Expression includes a smile to laugh at even being pregnant. You can customize daily based on your mood.
  • No restriction on the skin colors. You can use a color picker to get exactly how you look like. It also remembers the recent colors you used.
  • Height and Weight options are included as well.

Microsoft will keep the existing Xbox 360 avatar system, and your purchases, and inventory. You will be able to download it again with the new app. They are also giving the option to import the old avatar into the new system

Apart from this Microsoft has plans to even those with disabilities, but even post Creators Update for Xbox One, we did not hear anything. Now we know that it is delayed, and Mike Ybarra claims that the wait will be worth.



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