3 Mistakes That Could Be Damaging Your Blog

Not all those who choose to run a blog do so successfully. As easy as it is to set up a blog, it’s just as easy to make vital mistakes along the way which can prevent people from visiting your blog in the first place.

Having a blog can be extremely beneficial. If you have a passion or feel you are a specialist in a certain topic, a blog gives you the platform to share this with the world. If you’re running a blog for your business, it can be used as a fantastic platform for hosting unique content, letting you provide insight into your business and bringing new customers to your website.

Blogging Mistakes

In some cases, blog mistakes can be detrimental to either a person or a business. Learn from the most common mistakes being made by understanding them below, and ensuring you put plans in place to avoid them:

1. Laziness with grammar

Some people treat a blog as a side-line. This is fine, as in most cases, it does fall as a side-line to either a business or acts as a hobby for some. However, anything that is published online has the potential to be discovered by audiences, and it’s within your best interest that people like what they see.

A lazy attitude to blogging means that spelling mistakes and grammatical issues can take place. If someone comes across your blog and discovers errors on the landing page, they’ll likely form an opinion that the blog owner is sloppy.

2. Not networking with the blogosphere

Blogging is a massive industry which grows rapidly every year. You are not the only one in this industry, and by building relations with those also running blogs will benefit you in many ways.

Try not to see blogging as a competition. Blogs are being launched daily, and the topics they are focused on change. This can be due to influencing economic trends or lifestyle trends. The bottom line is there is plenty of room for everyone.

By networking online with other bloggers, you’re putting your blog out there and letting potential new readers discover it. Secondly, you can pick up tips and advice from others doing the same as you. Some bloggers may know tricks and hacks, contacts, or opportunities which would work for you and your blog. The world of blogging is heavily reliant on SEO and social media marketing, so if you can learn aspects of this from other bloggers, it’s a winner for you.

3. Don’t think solely about money

No one can deny that a lot of people go into blogger for the aspect of potentially earning money. There is nothing wrong with this, as most bloggers can earn an income – but only if they do it right.

Blogging should always start as a hobby or a creative online outlet for sharing what you are passionate about. Going into it purely to try and earn money will not get you anywhere. You have to be an expert in your field, or do a good job running your blog before any income can start flowing in.

There are various ways in which income streams can start to flow from blogging. If your blog is focused on shopping, fashion, and beauty, affiliate links can bring in revenue. If you have been blogging for a while and you provide in-depth reviews which attract a strong readership, brands will be keen to pay you for promotion. The options are endless, but it’s key to have a strong blog platform you are passionate about first.

Make sure you fully understand the above tips on the blogging mistakes to avoid, and a professional, informative blog will be born.

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