Top 3 most useful IT Services for Windows 10 users

Windows 10 is a very robust and capable platform for a multitude of tasks and functions. When it comes to gaining the most value from your Windows 10 device – regardless of whether you are a home user, small to medium scale business owner, or a large enterprise – it boils down to how proficient the user is with the platform.

Businesses, as well as home-users, can hire the services of a specialized IT support team to drastically improve performance and gain the most from their Windows 10 experience. A brief look at a company bio of some of the top IT support providers will illustrate how in-depth their services are, how many ways they can assist you, and how valuable they are to have on your side.

People who haven’t used IT support services often find themselves wondering whether or not an IT support team is really what they need. It only takes a few minutes of online research to understand what a good IT support team can do for you and if you’re in a situation that requires expert help.

Top 3 Most Useful IT Services for Windows 10 Users

Most commonly, it has been small and medium-sized organizations that have particularly benefitted from employing the services of an outsourced IT expert. The unforeseen circumstances have forced many brick and mortar businesses to open up a digital wing, or in some cases, transition to digital commerce entirely. For both categories of businesses, it has been crucial to have a reliable IT expert on board who can make the transition possible and fruitful.

Let’s go through a few of the most important IT services people require from IT support teams and in-house IT experts alike. We will explore exactly what each service category entails and how that ties into your personal or business needs.

IT Support

The overarching term of IT support refers to all the services provided by individual IT experts and IT teams. These services can be provided virtually without the expert ever being physically present at your premises, or you could have someone who drops by at frequent intervals and/or whenever a problem arises.

IT support covers all possible IT-related services pertaining to hardware and software. However, IT experts are usually specialized in a particular field of work or a certain kind of software.

If you are using custom-made, bespoke software, then it is unlikely that a third-party IT expert will be able to address your needs completely. In such a situation, it is best to attain the services of the custom-software manufacturer.

IT Consultancy

This is generally the first – and crucial – step in setting up a new IT infrastructure or expanding an existing one. This isn’t a point of concern for a single home user, but for enterprise solutions, it holds tremendous value.

Starting off on the right foot when building a digital infrastructure can mean saving a lot of money in the long run, easily expanding when the time comes, and maintaining high overall system efficiency while keeping costs down to a minimum.

Managed IT Services

This involves delegating internal IT tasks and operations to the IT support team. The IT support team consists of members who specialize in particular areas, and each task is then placed under the wing of a relevant professional.

Even individual users who have certain technical tasks which they cannot do themselves can use this service.

For businesses, this can prove to be an effective strategy in reducing costs and improving the quality of work done. In-house employees for these tasks would cost much more for any business, and hiring an expert for each category of work would be even more expensive.

Data Compliance

All over the world, governments are now pushing businesses from all industries to make their data and IT behavior compliant with state-set procedures and protocols.

These standardized operating procedures are meant to streamline business behavior, homogenize data management and ensure that user data is protected.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is a threat to every person that uses a digital device, whether it is a computer, a smartphone, or even a smart TV. In the recent past, we have witnessed an overwhelming growth in the number of digital attacks performed on both businesses and individual users. Combined with the fact that the number of people accessing the internet daily is growing exponentially, it’s unlikely that we will see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

In order to safeguard one’s digital presence, there is only so much the average user can do. This is certainly one of those aspects of the digital world which should be delegated to a cyber-security expert. The complexity of attacks is growing day by day. It is unlikely that the average user will be able to craft a strong enough digital fence to safeguard against sophisticated attacks.

Back-Up and Recovery

Cybercriminals these days are after user data more than anything else. This data could include personal data, which would be held hostage and used as bait for ransom. Naturally, the more data a particular server or device holds, the more valuable it is, especially if its data of a sensitive nature.

However, more benign and commonplace system failures, blue screens, and damage to storage devices can result in significant data losses as well. For both businesses and individual users, the loss of critical data can be a very high price to pay for not having backup and recovery solutions in place.

By delegating this aspect of data management to a third party, users can also enjoy the benefit of having their data secured in a well-encrypted form.

If a user or business loses data on their end, they will have another copy to restore what was lost easily. A recovery expert will also have in place methods to easily restore lost data in case something goes wrong. In this manner, precious data which could have taken decades to accumulate is safeguarded, and multiple copies are kept to ensure it isn’t lost forever.

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