New Ease of Access Settings for Windows 10 will help those in need

Microsoft has announced a bunch of features for Ease of Access Settings, Narrator usability and eye control navigation; added features for improved reading and writing outcomes, and collaborating with assistive technology partners.

via Windows Insider Blog

Easier to Discover: 

You will be able to use Cortana to find a setting and then activate it. The new settings allow everyone to make everything look bigger and brighter.

  • The ability to “make everything bigger” or “make everything brighter” on a new Display page in the Vision group
  • An audio page in the Hearing group
  • Speech and eye control page in the Interaction group

The home screen for Ease of Access has been re-organized by ability and updated presentation of existing accessibility settings and related settings from across Windows to help customer more easily discover, learn and use Ease of Access settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Ease of Access Settings

Now you have common keyboard shortcuts that are in line with the controls with which they work. Additionally, some pages, like the Color Filters page in the Vision group were redesigned to enable quicker identification of which settings work best for you.

Easier to Use: 

Finally, customers who rely on Narrator can navigate the Settings app using Landmarks and Headings. While Heading navigation was previously limited to the web, it is now available in supported applications. In addition, we added some new controls to:

  • Turn off automatically hidden scrollbars in Windows on the Display page and
  • To emphasize formatted text and select the audio output channel in Narrator.

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