This is the New Fitbit Smartwatch; Comes with Additional Sensor

It’s been long rumored that Fitbit is coming up with new Smartwatch which unlike Blaze will have a GPS tracker & waterproof to 50m included resonating with thoughts of many who wanted a dedicated GPS tracker inbuilt into the watch so the phone isn’t really required. Today, the pictures of the upcoming Smartwatch from Fitbit have been leaked by Wareable which claims that images are from a source who is close to the inner workings of Fitbit. The watch is set to launch later this year.

Looking at the images, it looks like a cross between the Fitbit Surge, and Blaze as it has the colorful screens, and size with matches the Surge looks. Not only that, it carries the Blaze metallic look, and comes in three color variants:

  • Silver with Navy Strap
  • Rose Gold with Blue Strap
  • Dark Metal with Black Strap.

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On the side of the tracker, you get the same two button, on the left, and one on the right.  In the rear of the watch, you get a big size heart sensor which uses the same green optical sensor with blinking light.

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So whats new?

The images reveal that there is an additional sensor on board. Similar to the HR sensor(green light), there are two red lights which might be using infra-red. This could be the pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels in the blood. If you are using a Fitbit devices, you already know that it can track your sleep at night, and be looking at your heartbeat during rest, it determines how healthy your heart is. If these sensors are actually the oximeter, the device will offer an even accurate reading of your hearts condition.

Compared to the green light, red light can penetrate deeper and get more accurate results. This is the reason you will find sensors at hospitals use red light in their instruments. If this extra sensor is on board, then expect Fitbit to add additional biometric data like hydration.

The name and the pricing is not known, but I am sure Fitbit will compete with premium products like Apple Watch.

Coming to software, I expect this will more or less the same as we have in Fitbit Blaze. Do expect more data points from a fitness perspective. More here