NewsSpot- Google Reader for Windows Phone 8

Google Reader is one of the most popular web based RSS feed reader available. Although Google reader is the most popular one, it does not feature a desktop version. There is an official app for Android, but none for Windows Phone 8. Now if you use Google Reader to catch up with all your subscriptions, you can try using NewsSpot for WP8. NewsSpot for Google Reader is your app to sync your articles as quick as a wink, store text and images for offline reading and search your articles in a gorgeous and modern way.

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The app has a very good interface, which is clean and easy to use. You can view all the unread feed when you open the app with an option to search and sync items.

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When you select an item from the list you can read the full article (if the feed supports it). There are quite a lot of options including starring, sharing, change font size and also opening the links in IE. The app delivers a two-way synchronization for your unread and starred articles, which only syncs what needs to be synced.

If you want to share articles, you can use the multiple options available in NewsSpot, such as Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook, Readability, Evernote, Delicious and many more. The WP8 version has support for lock screen which means it will show images from articles in your feed. you can configure it from settings. Apart from this, you can also change theme and allow update of tiles.

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Other features include:

  • Gorgeous live tiles with headings and images
  • Full lock screen integration
  • Read whole articles in a beautiful Readability view
  • Open YouTube or Marketplace links from within the application
  • Change the read or starred status of an article within a list by using our quick actions
  • Swipe or tap while viewing article to display the next or previous one
  • Choose from three different themes: light, dark and golden white

The trial version of NewsSpot offers all features, but is ad-supported and lets you sync at a max 200 unread and 50 starred articles. Buy the full version to sync up to 1000 unread or starred.

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