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When in a new city its pretty common to get into situations where you have nothing to do and you want to pass on sometime. Well Maps are always there but if you are carrying a Windows Phone with you, Next2Me App can find tones of options for you which is better, faster and much accurate compared to Bing App on Windows Phone when it comes to local search. This app was previously available for Windows Mobile.

Next 2 Me Search Result

Features of Next 2 Me

  • Categories options to make search i.e. Cinemas, Taxi, Food, Airport etc.
  • Search result displays a list of options along with Map Thumbnail and Address and is powered from Yahoo and Google.
  • Along with Search Result you get to see all the locations on a map.
  • When you select a location, you have instant option of Calling, Adding to Contacts or Emailing all the details along with Map Co-ordinates .
  • The best part is Step by Step Navigation is just a swipe away. This is possible because it uses your location service of phone in background. You can also email the navigation details to anybody on email or to the person next to you. I am assuming once the NFC comes in, we all will have to bump.
  • You can change the range of search if you want to find something more closer to you.
  • You can send your current position using E-Mail or SMS even with a link to Openstreetmap showing your position.

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The only drawback of this app as of now is that it does no save all the details to Windows Phone Contacts but saves only the phone number. I would rather have like to have all details including the Map Location.

Comparing it to Bing  Places :

  • First Bing Places the one seen on the Bing Map on Windows Phone ( The First Icon ) does not have so many categories.
  • Second the number of results in the Next 2 Me app is more and much accurate.
  • Lastly to find direction or get the Step by Step Navigation you need 2-3 steps which is instant in Next 2 Me App.

Video Demo of Next2Me  ( Watch on YouTube )

Download from Market Place

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